International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
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International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

Strategic Plan

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to outline the strategic direction of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as a governing body of the Paralympic Movement. It also describes the IPC’s additional responsibilities as an International Sports Federation in this context.

The plan focuses on the goals and priorities to be pursued by the IPC headquarters in Bonn while building on the vision of the wider Paralympic Movement and on the fundamental principles outlined in the IPC Handbook.

This Strategic Plan was developed within the second half of 2010 and was approved by the IPC Governing Board in December 2010. The IPC Strategic Plan primarily targets the membership of the Paralympic Movement in order to ensure that the IPC’s direction is clearly articulated, understood and can serve as reference and source of inspiration for the long-term planning of its members.

In addition, it explains the future path and vision to other external stakeholders, such as Games Organizing Committees, sponsors or other partners to foster their engagement. Ultimately the plan also serves as a general communication tool to any fan, follower or interested reader about the Paralympic Movement.

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